Wat mean of my life? tell me plz! plz! i beg u! =(

Without entertain, it is not a life! GOD! bless she an bless me!

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 Malaysia Culture


Malaysia merupakan sebuah negara yang berbilag kaum.Dengan tradisi yang berjenis jenis.HARAPlah negaraku- malaysia mampu menjelang cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang.

Marilah kita sama sama menjerit 3 kali- malaysia culture

Jomlah rakyat malaysia menghayati dan mejiwai kegemilangan Malaysia.

Ohh,Happy Shiting

Valentine Day!

Hi, How would u plan for Celebrate your Valentine Day!

Romantic? Yea!

It is a good idea for u to check out the history of Valentine Day before making any decision! Good luck n Happy Valentine Day!

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ine Day!

Happy Chinese New Year

hello! hehe~

Happy Chinese New Year!

举起手,哗啦啦啦~ 每一秒,都开心过年!

my teammate- lulu! c! his pig face! hahahaha! =P